How it started 
“Balance” is one of our in-house projects that will be launching later in the year 2020. The idea surged as, Playhouse founder, Sofia embarked on a personal quest to find wholesome balance in her life. Along her journey, Sofia was exposed to really interesting conversations with incredible people from various diverse backgrounds & industries. Sofia realised that the conversations she shared with these people ultimately changed her life. She then wondered how she could, in turn, change the lives of other people by building on the conversations she experienced through a podcast.

“Balance” was created for the purpose of spreading and communicating valuable information and ideas across the world for people of all ages and backgrounds to listen and enjoy. There is no fixed topic: Balance is defined as a mid point between two extremes. These “extremes” represent Sofia’s passions, and the topics in the podcast derive from her passions: art, music, business, entrepreneurship, creativity, culture, traveling, self-improvement, spirituality etc.

From interviews to casual chats with Sofia’s close friends, Sofia will discuss current topics in a comprehensive language that aims to evidence interconnectedness as a main pilar to finding Balance in one’s life.

Episodes will be featured in English and Spanish.

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Berlin, 2019